Unit 3 - Listening 1 - Exercise 1

Why choose a package holiday?

Instructions: Listen to Helga, who works for Das Reise Buro, a German tour operator. What are the reasons she gives for choosing a package holiday? Are they the same as yours?
I = Interviewer, H = Helga

I Helga, what would you say were the advantages of a package holiday?

H Well, I think the most obvious advantage is the saving in cost. Package holidays are cheaper than the same holiday bought independently. We're tour operators, and so we're buying in bulk, and we buy in advance - sometimes as much as two years in advance - and this means that we get good prices for airline seats, for hotel rooms, for accommodation in general, and for other services. The independent traveller simply cannot get prices as good as ours. So yes, I'd say the low cost is the most important advantage.

I Are there any other advantages?

H Well, yes, there are. Another important advantage of the package holiday is that you know how much the holiday will cost before you've left home. The accommodation, transport, transfers, a lot of excursions - all this is included in the price. In fact, we call it an all-inclusive price - the only other money you will spend is buying souvenirs, drinks, or small things like that. With a family, where the money they have might be limited, you know how much the holiday's going to cost you before you leave home.

I Can you give me one more reason for taking a package holiday?

H Well, another thing is the fact that it's been organized by professionals. So, as tour operators we've been to the destination. We've confirmed that the hotel meets our standards and we've checked with local guides.

I So this means that you won't have any problems - you can relax, and...

H Yes, you're on holiday with nothing to worry about. And if you do have a problem, there's a rep, a representative of our company, on site. So if you have any problems, there's somebody who speaks your language that you can go to and this person will find a solution to your problem. And this also produces peace of mind.