Unit 3 - Listening 2 - Exercise 1

The 'Peace in Burma' tour

BegoƱa Pozo
Fifteen years ago Begona Pozo and her sister opened a travel agency because they both love to travel. Now she is the European agent for Myanmar Cold, a specialist tour operator for Burma. What do you think she likes about her job?

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Begona says:
...about her job I love to sell and to work in the office... to try to introduce the place to my clients, and to show them the place and tell them that they have to go there.
...about Burma Burma has started to attract tourists from all around the world. It's very beautiful and everything is so traditional.
...about Burmese people They're always smiling. And very often they give you presents because they are Buddhists. You can tell that religion is really important to them.
...about Asia I think that people in Europe are not as friendly as in Asia. Asian people are very friendly. On Thai Airways the flight attendants always bow when you enter the plane. On European airlines they often stand with their arms crossed. Asian culture is more polite.
Begona's main job is organizing escorted tours of Burma, in south-east Asia.
Instructions: Why do you think people visit Burma?
Instructions: Listen to Begona describing one of the tours she organizes. Choose the places the tour visits, and the activities the tourists can do.

Baganrent a bicycle
Bagospend some time at the beach
Inlevisit a school of Buddhism
Mandalaygo trekking in the mountains
Ngapalipractise yoga
Sittwevisit the city's floating markets
Thailandvisit some of the many temples
Thandwego horse riding
Yangonvisit the capital city

Places: , , ,, ,

    - Banga:     ,
    - Inle:         ,
    - Mandalay:
    - Ngapali:    
    - Yangon:    
 I = Interviewer, B = Begona

I What are the features of Burma that interest people from Europe?

B It's very peaceful. That's an important feature. Burma doesn't have a lot of tourists compared to Vietnam, Cambodia, especially compared to Thailand.

I What else does Burma offer?

B There are very good beaches and we are starting to have very good hotels also.

I Is it mainly beach tourism, or are there cultural attractions that people are going to Burma to see?

B Well, cultural attractions are the most common reason for visiting Burma.

I Can you give us details of what sort of things people see?

B Yes. We always start with Yangon or Rangoon, which is the capital of Burma. We stay there overnight the first night and the last night, when we enter and leave the country. And we always visit Bagan. Bagan is full of temples. It has more than 2,000 temples so our groups always stay there three nights, and they get to see a lot of the temples. Also they can rent a bicycle, they can go by horse-drawn carriage and it's a very interesting place. You can go down the river in Bagan too, and that's very nice.

I Where do you go after Bagan?

B After Bagan the second place we go to is Lake Inle, which is also amazing. We do a lot of trekking by Inle and also in the mountains, which are about one hour away by car. And we go to the floating markets there - people always like that. And then we move to Mandalay, which is in the middle of the country and is very traditional. And we go to the school of Buddhism, also in Mandalay.

I Wow. That sounds interesting!

B Yes, Mandalay's lovely. And then we move to the beach. We use Ngapali beach. We have to fly from Yangon or Mandalay to Thandwe, and then to Ngapali. We stay there two nights, and the beach is very, very beautiful.

I Is it difficult to persuade people to go to Burma?

B A little. The thing is that we find that people don't know anything about Burma. They are very scared, so we try to teach them, we try to tell them where it is located, that it's a very safe place, and we are like teachers with them, because they don't know what it is.