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AutoCAD Civil 3D  Cracked  Serial Number Full Torrent Download [March-2022]

AutoCAD Civil 3D Cracked Serial Number Full Torrent Download [March-2022]


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AutoCAD Crack With Registration Code For PC [Updated]

Although the software is proprietary, it is free to download and use, and many users find AutoCAD Free Download useful for small-scale hobby and home-based work such as shop drawings, architectural drawing, mechanical drawing, landscape or interior design, and architectural design.

AutoCAD currently operates on the following operating systems:




Autodesk Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

Autodesk Design Review (ADR) client





Electron app on Mac

Features in AutoCAD 2018

Once you have installed AutoCAD on your computer, you can create a project by opening an existing AutoCAD drawing or creating a new one. A drawing has many objects, including layers, dimensions, text, grids, and drawing views.

The working area is called the drawing window and is divided into four panels: the drawing view, the status bar, the objects view, and the command window. You can customize the panels and resize the drawing window as you wish.

A drawing window has three types of views:

Architectural: You can draw architectural designs by using the standard architectural styles. You can also set the default style and add architectural objects such as fences, gates, fences, and walls.

Drafting: You can create shop drawings and architectural blueprints, architectural patterns, mechanical drawings, and architectural furniture.

Drawing: You can create process drawings and car drawings.

It also has three kinds of view modes:

Grid: You can divide the drawing area into grids.

View: You can define the scaling of the drawing area and the orientation of the drawing area, and you can move around a drawing area.

Annotation: You can annotate objects on the drawing area.

You can make the following basic settings for each panel:

Auto-Hide: You can hide or display the panel. You can also arrange the panels to be stacked on top of each other.

Tabbed: You can split a single window into several tabs or panels.

Window Size: You can change the width and height of the panel. You can also adjust the zoom level of a drawing area.

Autosize: You can resize a panel by dragging a resize handle at the edge of

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ObjectARX is a C++ class library, which was also the base for:

Autodesk Exchange Apps. Autodesk Exchange Apps are commercial add-ons for AutoCAD 2010 that add new features. Examples include design tools for planning and detailing, design lifecycle support, and capacity planning. Autodesk Exchange Apps are available on the Autodesk Exchange App Store.


NetOffice was a project that evolved into its own company NetOfficeDirect and developed an ActiveX component library for AutoCAD. It was completely written in managed C#.NET and ran in.NET under Windows, Linux or Windows CE. NetOfficeDirect released a series of products based on the ActiveX component library:
NetOffice, a suite of non-graphical applications which made data acquisition and engineering analysis easier. NetOffice was discontinued and merged into the C++ based AutoCAD XA component.
NetOfficeDraw, a graphical user interface for using NetOffice
NetOfficeForms, a set of components for building forms.
NetOfficeBatch, a command-line based batch processing system.
NetOfficeSpace, a collaborative work space that supported file, document, image, web and spreadsheet storage.
NetOfficeWeb, a web-based application that provided web publishing and editing capabilities in a client application that could be run on any PC.
NetOfficeChart, a Microsoft Office-based charting and graphing component.

NetOffice has been discontinued and is no longer available.

AutoCAD Batch

AutoCAD Batch is a multi-platform command-line based batch processing system that ran in AutoCAD. The Batch system consisted of two parts: a command-line based command processor, which could be run outside of AutoCAD and used to script the AutoCAD commands and a batch-processing engine. The Batch system enabled the automation of batch-based processing tasks. This included:
Updating one or more drawings stored on disk with the current model.
Transferring one or more models from disk to AutoCAD.
Performing any number of AutoCAD-based tasks, such as CAD-based layout and programming, quantity take-off and take-off from a database, and CAD-based layout and programming, which were stored in an XML format.
Performing unattended or batch processing and exporting AutoCAD drawings from an XML format to a variety of file formats

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Drag the v7.0 patch to your application.


This message indicates that your v7.0 patch is not installed. You could download a installer here. Simply double-click on it to install it and your problems should be solved. If you don't have Autocad Premium 2013 you can download the free upgrade from Autodesk.

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What's New In?

You’re now able to import and attach paper clip and PDF documents directly into your AutoCAD drawings. Simply select them and choose “Import” from the Draw menu.

You can now also import and attach any registered hardware item to your drawings by importing a barcode or QR code directly into your drawing.

The Markup Assistant has been expanded to provide powerful multi-text, graphic, annotation, and linked markup support. Plus, you can now copy drawing objects into other drawings (video: 2:35 min.)

Object placement mode in 3D and 2D:

Now you can select your drawings with a single click and freely move, rotate, and scale any object.

If you have an active place mark, you can move and rotate it with a single click.

The new 3D and 2D context menus have two new commands: “Rigid Body” and “Flip Axis.”

Rigid Body allows you to apply rigid body constraints on object rotation and scale, such as “Flip Axis Rotation” or “Flip Axis Scale.”

“Flip Axis Rotation” allows you to rotate an object 180 degrees around a given axis. The object is then rotated 90 degrees in the opposite direction, so that it ends up facing forward again. (video: 1:29 min.)

“Flip Axis Scale” allows you to scale an object along a given axis. (video: 1:24 min.)

These commands are available to any object, whether it’s a 3D or 2D object.

“Face On” and “Off” for 3D objects:

You can now easily switch any 3D object to face on or off, simply by pressing the spacebar (or M) key.

3D dimensions are now included in the new “Face On/Off” command. The command is available to any 3D object.

Axes, sliders, and text are now included in the new “Face On/Off” command. The command is available to any 3D object.

The Face On and Off command for 3D dimensions is available in 3D object context menus as well.

Axes, sliders, and text are now available

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP SP3
Windows XP SP2
Windows 2000
Windows Server 2003
Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
Minimum CPU: 1GHz
Minimum RAM: 256MB
Minimum Hard Drive: 50MB
Minimum Resolution: 1024x768
Graphics card: ATI Radeon x700
Display adapter: Standard VGA only
DirectX 9.0c
Keyboard and mouse: Microsoft Natural Keyboard and Logitech

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